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Mosaic Bespoke Bicyles

Handcrafted in Boulder, CO


Mosaic Cycles works to embrace each rider’s aspirations, turning practical performance goals into a bike of singular personality and beauty.


Mosaic Cycles is a family operated small batch builder of handmade bicycles. Precision fabrication and an efficient business practice balance Mosaic as an industry leader, creating meaningful cycling moments and enduring products. The rider is at the center of the Mosaic process, and regardless of your needs, there’s a perfect Mosaic model for you.


Mosaic bicycles are built to order every step of the way in Boulder, CO. Whether you’re dreaming of a completely custom 1-Level Mosaic built to your exact specifications and with your riding style in mind, or a 2-level bike utilizing stock geometry, Mosaic will work with you to design the perfect new bike.


Each bike undergoes Mosaic’s small batch process, completed from start to finish under one roof by our experienced team of frame builders, who pride themselves on the precision, attention to detail, and high caliber finish work put into each bike that leaves the shop. Through efficient processes, Mosaic frames are delivered in 6 weeks or less depending on your geometry and finish work options.


Aside from frame design and manufacturing expertise, part of what makes Mosaic uniquely Mosaic is their industry-leading finish work program. Raw titanium is a beautiful sight, but they love to paint things too… Mosiac owns and operates their own in-house paint shop, Spectrum Paint and Powderworks which enables them to dream up, test, and execute on the highest quality finish work you’ll find on a bicycle.


1. Schedule a Consultation  

Buying a new bike, especially if it’s a custom bike is a big deal! Be ready to get a bike fit, nerd out on components and geometry, dream up finish work, and ask a bunch of questions. You'll get great answers. Contact us to schedule your consultation.

2. Finalize Your Design

During this step, every little detail is discussed, confirmed, and signed off on before your order is finalized with Mosaic. If you’re purchasing a custom bike, Mosaic will provide a frame draft to confirm geometry and an illustration of your finish work, allowing you to visualize your new frame! If a stock size frame is being ordered, you’ll choose your options and finish work before the frame is started in production. Even though it may be a stock size, it’s very much so uniquely yours.  

3. Sign off and start the countdown…

Once every detail has been discussed and signed off by you, by us, and by Mosaic, the time clock starts! You can expect to wait 6 weeks for a custom bike or 3 weeks for stock sizes/options. This is the hard part and we understand, there is nothing better than "new bike day". If we already have a stock Mosaic frame in our store, we’ll get your build scheduled and you’ll be riding in a matter of days.

4. Ride!

Now, the fun part really begins. Our service team will make sure your bike is built up per spec and is in perfect working order. We’ll let you know when you can pick it up! All we ask is that you ride it hard, get it dirty and let us know how much you love it! Share your photos on social media, we’d love to see them. #mosaiccycles and @mosaiccycles.