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Welcome to Mad Duck Cyclery

At Mad Duck we are proud to have served the North Texas area and beyond for over twenty years.  We try to bring you the best bikes, accessories and service on the planet.  Stop by our little stores and say hi, join us for a ride and enjoy a cold beverage.  We are Bike Nerds, and proud of it!  So if you are a bike nerd or just bike curious, we would love to meet you!!

Our Top Mountain Bike Brands

Yeti Cycles

Race Bred bicycles from the heart of the Rockies since 1985!

Ibis Cycles

40 Years of world class bikes from Santa Cruz, Ca.  These guys are awesome! 

Revel Bikes

Incredible bikes from out little buddies in Carbondale, Co.  You gotta ride one!

Intense Cycles

Over 25 years of making of making legendary bikes in California!

Meet the BMC Kiaus

BMC Kiaus - Unbound Speed

This is your journey. Your path. Your pace.
There are no obstacles and when you ride you race.
Meet Kaius your go-to gravel race companion to unlock speed across all surfaces. An ultra lightweight gravel bike built to go fast when the terrain gets rough.
Whether across scorched Spanish deserts or horizonless American gravel, this is your trusted guide on every journey you choose.
Discover our all-new Gravel Performance collection and access unbound speed.

Stop by today and give it a test ride!!

Custom Bikes

We know it can be super frustrating to wait on a new bike! But, did you know we have a number of full custom frame options from US builders that can get you your dream bike, complete with custom geometry and paint, faster than you can get a brand X boxed bike!

We offer handmade bikes in Carbon, Titanium and Steel from world renowned builders such as: Parlee, Moots and Mosaic. Text Clarence at 817-714-9620 and let’s get the ball rolling on your dream bike!

We Share Your Passion!

We understand how passionate you are about riding...we feel the same way.  

If you are already an aficionado and only want to see the best, 

check out our selection of Best-In-Class bikes to help you fuel your passion!