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Welcome to Mad Duck Cyclery

At Mad Duck we are proud to have served the North Texas area and beyond for almost twenty years.  We try to bring you the best bikes, accessories and service on the planet.  Stop by our little stores and say hi, join us for a ride and enjoy a cold beverage.  We are Bike Nerds, and proud of it!  So if you are a bike nerd or just bike curious, we would love to meet you!

New Bike Launch

A No Holds Barred, Modern Race Bike,,,Get Ready!!

Enve Melee

Building upon the design language and technologies of the
Custom Road, the Melee is purpose-built for road racing.
Road racing in 2022 demands:

Responsive handling
Rugged durability
Personalization and options to achieve best fit
Functional comfort

Come in and let us build your new bike....Welcome to the Melee

New Bike Alert

All New Allied BC40

Over two years in the making … Meet the new all new AlliedBC40, a thoughtfully engineered modern cross-country machine, mixed with an all-day trail sled. A plush 120mm of front and rear travel combined with a second-to-none pedaling platform and progressive geometry delivers precise speed, handling, and tracking for the needs of the modern trail shredder.  Oh, and made in the USA!!!

Handmade in the USA Bikes!

Why not combine your love of cycling and support crafts people right here in the USA!  Checkout the finest, handmade in the USA bikes, bikes available anywhere.  We have carefully selected the finest options available, and would love a chance to get you on one of these incredible machines!

We Share Your Passion!

We understand how passionate you are about riding...we feel the same way.  

If you are already an aficionado and only want to see the best, 

check out our selection of Best-In-Class bikes to help you fuel your passion!

Order Online. Pickup In-Store. Go Ride.

It’s fast. It’s easy. And it’s free! Simply find the bike or gear of your dreams online, and we’ll have it ready for you when you arrive. We’ll ensure a perfect fit for your riding needs and answer any questions you may have.