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Weekend Getaway!!!

We love to find new and fun places to ride. As you can tell from our photos and writeups, we didn’t pay a lot of attention in school, we were always trying to find a way to sneak off on bike. Please feel to stop by the shop and we would be thrilled to tell you all about are getaways. (also, please feel free to share your with us!!)

Lake Mineral Wells Trailway

Looking for a great weekend bicycle getaway? Check out Lake Mineral Wells Trailway. Just a short drive from Dallas/Ft. Worth, this trip provides a great gravel ride and lots of other recreation options:  Gravel Ride, Road Ride, Mountain Biking, Boating, Fishing, Camping, Hiking, Rock Climbing …. Mix in some shopping, dining, and sight-seeing, and you have an awesome little trip.

Below are a few highlights from our little gravel ride this weekend. We highly recommend this trip for a fun intro into gravel riding!

Our Bikes

On this trip, Gary and Terry decided to test out the all new Salsa Journeyer Sora equipped bikes, while I just swapped tire on my All-City Cosmic Stallion. 

Salsa Journeyer

These bikes are an incredible value, coming in at about the same price a single high-end carbon rear wheel. The handling was super stable, and the entry-level spec performed great. If you are looking to dabble in gravel on a budget, these bikes are terrific!

All-City Cosmic Stallion

I’ve been riding this bike as my primary road bike for over a year now, so it was great to throw on some gravel tires and let ir rip. This steel beast performed flawlessly…. If you are looking for steel bike that can do it all, hit me up about this beauty!

Tire Choice

The trails were really dry and sandy (it hasn’t rained in well over a month). The Journeyers were running 700x38 tires, while on the Cosmic Stallion we went with 35 on the back and 40 on the front. I would recommend at least 45s in these dry conditions.  For newer riders, I would also consider 27.5 tires for smaller rider, or for those looking for a more stable feel.

The Ride

The mineral Wells Trailway ride is a very enjoyable ride. It’s very beginner friendly although I would not recommend going in the middle of summer on 100° day. We started out at Lake Mineral Wells State Park Trailway, and the views are stunning at the start. There was a bit of a technical drop into the main trail when leaving the state park, it’s about 2/3 of a mile long, and can be a little bit sketchy for beginners.

 Once we got onto the main trail, the riding is very enjoyable. The first 4 miles or so were generally shaded, and the grade is very gentle. As you progress, heading towards Weatherford, you start to lose some of that shade. In the summer I would recommend going early, and bring alot of water.

Overall the trail runs 20 miles each way, giving you a 40 mile round-trip. Again, be sure to bring lots of water, but also know you can stop in Weatherford have a great little lunch and turn around and head back to Mineral Wells.

This trip makes a really fun and relaxing weekend getaway and I highly recommend it for riders of all skill levels.