Grapevine Texas' Premier Yeti, Moots & Focus Bike Dealer

Mad Duck Cyclery

The Boutique Bike Shop in the Dallas Ft. Worth Area

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Mad Duck Cyclery

721 E. Northwest Hwy.
Grapevine, TX 76051

(817) 442-0339

Hours of Operation:

Tuesday - Friday 11am - 6pm
Saturday: 10am - 5pm
Sunday and Monday by Appointment.

Meet the Staff

Click on a picture of a staff member for a slideshow of your Mad Duck Crew:

Chuy - Our Store Manager, spiritual leader and favorite furry little buddy. Chuy can often be found napping at Mad Duck, playing ball or pestering for attention. Chuy was named by Bicycle Retailer and Industry News as “Top Shop Dog in U.S. for 2011”! Attaboy Chuy!

Clarence “can't publish my nickname, there might be kids around” Muller - Head of sales, web lackey and general slacker, Clarence heads up our sales and coaching services. Amazing that someone who rides that much can still be that slow.

Gary “Clink” Clinkingbeard - Gary runs the service department and is Chief Mechanic. Gary’s background as a large equipment mechanic makes him appreciate how light bikes are to work on.

Terry “Donut Lady” Musar - Terry can always be found offering words of encouragement on group rides and handing out donuts at the coffee ride. Without Terry, theres no telling what the store would look like.

Terry “That’s what she said” Robison - “Big T” has been a fixture at the little Duck since day one. Big T’s Heck Ya attitude carriers over to his riding as he is often seen riding retro real deal steel!

Nick “Nikki T” Torraca - Nikki is the self proclaimed chairman of the “bored”. Nick carriers more ‘nick’ names than any other Duck, including but not limited to: Nikki T, Quick Nick, The real Nick and Nikki five fingers. Look for Nick at the pointy end of the peloton.
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