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Why ride a Moots Mountain bike? Because you are not a follower, craftsmanship means something to you, where your bike is made matters to you, how it's made matters, plastic bothers you and what you ride matters to you. The best ride, a ride that will last forever made in the USA... Moots, will take you on the adventure you dream about…let moots be that "magic transporter' ! Moots Mountain Bikes will take you places others only dream of.

MootoX RSL

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The MootoX RSL

Single-track speedster— quick, light and tight handling
great climber — solid and durable

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MootoX YBB

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The MootoX YBB 29"

Versatile, cross-country stand out— for short after-hours rides
and multi-day endeavors — big wheels and light travel

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Baxter 29"

Deep gravel, two-track and Tour Divide single track adventurer

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The Farwell

Plus sized 2.8” tires for ultimate versatility and fun, 120mm fork travel, made to grip and rip, up and down the trail

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Rouge YBB

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The Rouge YBB 27.5

Legendary YBB softail— mid-wheel size — cross-country arrow
pivotless suspension for precise handling

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The Mountaineer 27.5" YBB

PLUS SIZED-cross country–overland adventure–3inch tire

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The Frosthammer

Snow floater extraordinaire— 4.8’’ tire capacity —29+ compatibility — all season — snow or dirt

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