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Focus Paralane

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You’re caught in the grip of road cycling, enamoured with the sense of speed and liberty. The PARALANE takes these sensations to new levels with its ground-breaking versatility. Finishing high in the rankings alongside friends at a Gran Fondo or tracing a spectacular route over never-ridden-before gravel roads: it’s all possible. The PARALANE will awaken your thirst for adventure, instilling a desire to ride where you’ve never ridden before.

Paralane eTAP

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Paralane eTAP

Are you ready for the ultimate adventure? Combine the go everywhere featherweight Paralane frame with the wireless wizardry or SRAM eTAP, and you are ready for adventure!


Paralane Factory

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Paralane Factory

This is what happens when you let the factory guys design a bike. They picked the Paralane go everywhere frame and SRAM Apex 1x11 and Zipp 30 wheels! BAM!! This is how a bike nerd would build it!


Paralane Ultegra

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Paralane Ultegra

Combine this ultimate adventure frame with Shimano’s rock solid 11 Speed Ultegra drivetrain and explore the world. Available in men’s and women’s geometry!


Paralane 105

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Paralane 105

Combine this ultimate adventure frame with Shimano’s 11 Speed 105 drivetrain, and go see the world!


Paralane Tiagra

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Paralane Tiagra

Combine this ultimate adventure frame with Shimano’s budget minded Tiagra, and adventure on a budget!



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